Madison Approach

Our value-added approach combined with the commitment and experience of our executive
team distinguishes Madison Capital as one of the leading providers of advisory services in the
market. Madison also co-invests in select development, acquisition and recapitalization
opportunities, aligning its interests with those of its clients.


  • Additional insights at feasibility and design stage of transaction
  • Assistance in designing pro-forma budget and market research
  • Perform underwriting of transaction in lieu of or to support in-house efforts


  • Bring the transaction to the market quickly while presenting highest quality materials and information
  • Perform marketing of the transaction in the best possible light
  • Ensure identification of most appropriate capital
  • Ensure broad coverage of the market and spearhead negotiations to achieve optimal structure
  • “Value-added”, structured transactions involving preferred returns and promotes are a relatively inefficient sector of the market – a significant opportunity exists to achieve better structure through a skilled and informed agent
  • Serve traditional function as intermediary allowing a 3rd party to serve as a buffer and biased arbiter
  • Insurance policy – higher level of assurance of transaction completion
  • Speed of execution, focus and ability to run multiple track process if lead candidate falls through


  • Manage and closely monitor closing process
  • Constant follow-up through actual funding is key to expedient closing


  • Save significant time, effort and potential drain on resources of development or management company
  • Allow developer/owner to focus on creating value through development/management instead of conceptualizing, negotiating, structuring and closing financing
  • In-house finance team with CFO-like approach