Distinguishing Madison Capital

Madison Capital provides broad-based insights into the existing capital markets and evolving industry trends. Madison believes in an advisory approach as opposed to a traditional brokerage methodology. We work together as a team in order to maximize our talent base and provide the best opportunity for success. 

Unparalleled Track Record

  • Leading provider of apartment and condominium development financing in Florida
  • Well over $4 billion in projects financed
  • Depth and scope of capital knowledge and relationships
  • Detailed understanding of alternative capital structures available in the marketplace.
  • Comparative financing options and how best they suit our client’s individual needs
  • Introduction of a number of major financial institutions to their initial projects in the region

Highly Focused 

  • Apartments, condominiums, mixed-use, hotel and other commercial projects
  • Very experienced with developments
  • Particular geographic expertise in the Florida markets
  • Thorough understanding of development issues with capital markets expertise
  • Comprehensive insight to investors and lenders processes
  • Adept at effectively presenting a project to the investment community
  • Provide full spectrum of debt, equity, acquisition and disposition in the life cycle of multi-housing product
  • Continually tracking evolution in the capital markets and investor universe

Investment Banking and Advisory Approach

  • Act as true advisor, maintaining hands-on involvement in all aspects of a transaction
  • Anticipate issues and devise solutions with thorough upfront underwriting
  • Team approach – the client engages the entire firm
  • Highly detailed, “inception to closing” process
  • Experienced and effective in innovating alternative structures
  • Broad based national capital markets perspective

Principal Role and Perspective

  • Invest Madison’s capital in a number of these types of transactions
  • Madison’s executives have invested on behalf of institutions in previous positions
  • Sophisticated and creative approach to structuring transactions – “out of the box” thinking