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Madison Capital Group, LLC’s team has the expertise, resources and capabilities to work with multihousing developers and owners through the entire life-cycle of a property from site identification and pre-development financing to construction financing and sale.

Madison Capital Group's team seeks a thorough understanding of a client's goals and vision before initiating an investment banking or advisory assignment. With this knowledge, the firm can assist the client in designing and implementing macro corporate and capital strategies that will also provide the foundation for effective execution of specific transactions. Once a strategic plan is formulated, the team applies its broad-based view of the capital markets to first evaluate and then select from available alternatives in the context of the client's overall goals.

Madison arranges, structures, and negotiates a transaction’s complete debt and equity needs.

Debt financing can include:

  • Construction,
  • Bridge,
  • Participating,
  • Permanent, forward or mezzanine.

Equity can be structured as:

  • A joint venture,
  • Preferred equity, or
  • A fully financeable forward purchase or take-out commitment.

When appropriate, we will also explore for our client-strategic alliances with well-capitalized public or private entities. Madison is highly experienced in structuring these alternatives and draws upon extensive capital resources that include:

  • Pension plan sponsors and advisors,
  • Endowments,
  • Private investment funds,
  • REITs,
  • Opportunity funds,
  • Wall Street firms,
  • High net worth individuals,
  • Credit companies,
  • Insurance companies,
  • Banks, and
  • Other foreign/domestic institutions.

Madison encourages clients to take advantage of the firm's insights into the evolving capital and real estate markets, and allow Madison to assist clients in making adjustments to their strategies along the way. Madison is particularly effective at analyzing complex transaction alternatives and subsequently negotiating the optimal structure for its clients. Madison's experience as both a principal and an agent, combined with its product and regional focus gives Madison, and in turn its clients, an edge in understanding and accessing the spectrum of capital alternatives.

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